An interactive urban installation

In the framework of the reorganization of Cabot square, La Camaraderie was commissioned by Ville-Marie district to revitalize the neighborhood. We created four Historiographus inspired from the famous view master to explore Cabot square through its history.

Depending on its orientention in the sqare, each of the historiographus has its own specific thematic: 
Cabot Square through time (architecture), Cabot Square a living place (people), the forum temple of entertainment (culture) and the adventures of the squirrel (canopy). Each of them is depected through 8 visuals which you can see by actionning the lever.


How does it work

1- Place yourself if front of the optical device
2- Activate the time control stick 
3- Discover the history of Cabot Square
4- Share your photos #SQUARECABOT

Cabot Square, a living place

Illustrations by Séréna Obligato and Fanny Quellec

The forum, temple of entertainment

by Fanny Quellec

The adventures of the squirrel

by Alexane Querrec